September 16

Athletics Day

Last Friday, all of BSPS competed in a variety of athletic activities. Grade 3-6 spent the whole day at McEwen reserve and competed in events to have fun and earn points for their house colour. Grade P-2 went to the athletics track between recess and lunch. We (P-2 students) competed in high jump, vortex throw, sack race, relay, hurdles, sprint, egg and spoon race and frisbee throw. While the students didn’t earn points for achievements, they were encouraged to have fun and do their best; with some students doing really well at the activities. All in all it was a great day, with smiling students and the sun shining.

Thanks to Mr.White for organising the day, all the parents that attended, the Notre Dame and Wanganui students for helping and all the teachers that helped run the events.


September 8

Grade 1 & 2 Excursion To Melbourne!!

On Thursday, the 3rd of September, Grade 1 and 2 went on their big excursion for 2015. The excursion was to Melbourne. We had planned to go to the beach in Williamstown, but due to a bad weather forecast (wind, rain and cold weather) we changed our plans. Thankfully, the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) were very accommodating and allowed us to come on short notice. So our trip was now changed as a visit to the NGV and the Melbourne Aquarium.

The teachers arrived bright and early at 6:00am. Mr.Moor was very tired. The students and parent helpers arrived from 6:15am. They came in, got marked off and got their name tag. At 6:30am we set off for Melbourne. The trip down to Melbourne was great (but long)! We watched The Lion King and drew and wrote in our activity booklets.

We arrived at the National Gallery of Victoria and ate our recess, at around (9:45am). We headed in at about 10:15am, put our bags into a safe space and headed off with our adult leaders. At the NGV we spent most of our time in the Open House: Tromarama For Kids! In the Open House we saw lots of stop motion films, had a dance on the disco floor and made our own stop motion films. There were plenty of other exhibitions in the NGV but the best one for the Grade 1 and 2s was the Open House!!

After the NGV visit (and lunch) we walked on Southbank, by the Yarra River, to the Aquarium. The Aquarium was so much fun! We all went off in groups and were lead by a tour guide around the Aquarium. We saw some amazing things. We got to see sharks, rays, schools of fish, reptiles (including a 750kg, 52 year old crocodile) and the very popular penguins!! The Archer Fish were possibly the most interesting thing of the day. They are fish that group up and spit at insects above the water or in trees. The guide of Mr.Moor’s group (Justin) wiggled his fingers above the water and the fish spat on him!!

We left around 3:45pm and arrived back at school at about 6:30pm, after a quick break in Broadford. It was a really great trip and something we’ll remember forever!!


August 21

First Aid Training

All Bourchier Street PS students were given first aid training by St.John’s Ambulance staff yesterday. The Grade 2 program was quite simple. They were given some tips to help in situations such as a burn, snake bite or a simple thing like a blood nose. The students also participated in role play; identifying dangers in the house as well as what to do if someone is hurt or unconscious (call 000). They were given cards to take home and keep somewhere visible, that will help in case they have to ring 000 in an emergency situation.


July 30

Inquiry – Change

Today we started our new Inquiry topic. All Grade 2 students are focusing on the topic of change. They were tuned in the topic today by spending a bit of time in each class. Mr Treanor looked at physical change, where molecules stay the same (e.g. ice, water, water vapour). Miss Mepham had a quiz with some interesting facts about the changes that take place in the human body; did you know that our eyes never grow from the time we’re born and our nose doesn’t stop growing? Mrs Brown (filling in for Miss McKinnis) took the students on a scavenger hunt to find living things.

In my classroom we looked at chemical change and reaction. Quite the opposite to physical change. Chemical change required molecules to change or react to on another. One example that I showed was a rotten banana. We did two experiments – the first was blowing up a balloon with the gas that rises from mixing bi-carb soda and vinegar. The second was moving milk and food dye around a plate with just detergent. If you would like to ask how these experiments work, don’t hesitate to come in and ask.  

July 30

Positive Person!

Well done to Bree, a new student to BSPS & JAM, for receiving the most recent positive person award. She has made a terrific start to her new school and is showing a positive outlook to her work and to others. Exactly the kind of student we love to have at our school.  

July 24

Music Is Fun Band

On Wednesday, the Music Is Fun Band came to visit Bourchier St P.S. They’re a group of trained musicians who perform for schools. They are all very talented and most played a range of instruments, as well as singing and dancing during the songs. The songs they played were a mix of modern, old and even some mash-ups and medleys. Aside from performing for the students, the band members taught us different things about music, such as chords, how to play instruments and how to write a song. Some students were lucky enough to go on stage and put on some costumes during some of the songs. The band were great with interacting with the BSPS students and we cannot wait until they’re back next time!!



July 24

Swimming at Aquamoves!!

This week (Week 1) JAM has been swimming each morning at Aquamoves. After the bell, the students have been getting changed into their bathers and we’ve been leaving by bus for Aquamoves at 9:15am, arriving for our 9:30am lessons. During the 45 minute lessons, the students have been learning a variety of strokes and techniques. They’ve learnt freestyle and backstroke as well as numerous kicking and arm techniques.

On Thursday, they did something a bit different. They spent some of the lesson learning how to tread water and stay afloat in case they ever get into danger in the water. During this time, they also learnt how to help somebody that is in trouble in the water. After that, they had a lot of fun using the water slide, the rapid river and playing ball sports in the small pool.


June 22

Junior School Production

WOW! What a massive month or so that was for Grade Prep, 1 & 2!! All the teachers and students worked so hard to organise their songs, dances, costumes and have everything look amazing for the production. The biggest congratulations and thanks should go to Miss Goudie for directing the show! She put a lot of effort into EVERYTHING. She was always able to find a costume, edit a song, help with dance moves, or do anything to make our production better. Thanks to all the teachers who helped on the night and to all the parents for their efforts in organising and helping with the Junior School Production.

Mr.Moor & JAM.

Here’s what some of JAM said when we reflected on the production:

“I liked the smoke machine” – Will
“It was good when everyone did the dance right” – Montanah
“I loved how all the kids enjoyed doing it” – Abbey
“Performing was good” – Ty
“A lot of people got the timing of the stamping right in the final performance” – Chelsea
“I liked being the ring master” – Suel
“I liked when the lights went dark and we got to walk off stage” –  Banin
“Everybody done the performance correctly” – Manan

“Some peoples timing was out” – Leyla
“People were tired from the performance” – Aisha
“In practise some people didn’t follow the instructions” – Eli
“I was so tired by the closing that I nearly fell asleep!” – Connor
“When people got their performance wrong when we were practising” – Destiny

Interesting Things
“Watching other peoples performances” – Charlie
“Learning about the beat in the music” – Keagan
“The lights flashing on us when we were on stage” – Jacob
“Nearly everybody came to school the day after production” – Ryan