February 18

Term 1 Maths: Place Value

In Term 1 we are focusing on place value for Maths. So far we’ve done some ordering and comparing numbers (biggest and smallest). On Tuesday we counted up all of our unifix, by bundling the unifix into thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. We have 1,101 unifixs! We can’t wait to learn heaps more about place value, before we move onto addition later this term.

January 29

Welcome to 2016!!

Hi JAM and Families,

Welcome back for 2016!! This blog space will be used to show a range activities and events that JAM and the rest of the school are doing throughout the year.

I look forward to seeing all the new Grade 2 students and families on Monday. During the first week we will spend time getting to know one another, learning the school and classroom expectations and building positive relationships, while starting to do a bit of work.

See you Monday,

Mr Aaron Moor.

December 15

Final Week!!

The final week and a bit has been busy but has been so much fun!

On Thursday we went to the BSPS Christmas Church Service. We sang some carols and learnt about the meaning of Christmas. Thanks Miss Goudie for organising the event. On Friday, JAM watched The Witches and had a buddy break up with MCB. The chips were delicious!! 

Monday of the final week was moving day and lots of teachers were moving equipment and furniture into their new classrooms. Tuesday was the Grade 1/2 breakup; we had a big play and lunch at KidsTown, followed by a trip to the cinemas to watch Snoopy & Charlie Brown. 

On Wednesday we farewell the Grade 6 students and any teachers leaving, before the Grade 2s have their Christmas activity day and then JAM has their class party. Thursday is the day where the stud nets and teachers will meet their new classes, and reports go home!!

November 27

Junior School Sleepover

Last Thursday, Grade Prep, 1 & 2 attended the Junior School Sleepover. The Grade 2 students came back to school at 4:30pm to set up their beds; the Grade Preps and 1s came a bit later. After we set up our beds, we got on the bus to Star Bowl. We had a great time there, with many people scoring spares and strikes! The main thing was we all tried our hardest and had fun.

Once were back at school, we had a play and then ate some sausages for dinner. Next was the disco. We got very hot shaking our bodies around but got to listen to a heap of cool music and dance with our friends. Thanks Miss Goudie for being the DJ.

We had an icy-pole and went into our air conditioned rooms. During this time we watched the movie Cars and got ready for bed. Some students went to sleep really quickly and some took a little longer. Mr.Moor hopes his snoring kept no one awake! Lucky he was next to Manan, who was also snoring his head off.

The next morning, we got dressed, went for a walk, had a healthy breakfast and got packed up. Luckily we had Friday off school because we were all tired!

Thanks to all the parent helpers and the Junior School teachers for helping out.


October 4

Term 4

The holidays are almost over. I hope everyone is ready to get back into some more great learning. We’ll be doing heaps of things this term!! It’s going to be hot first week, and Term 4 is a hat term so don’t forget your broad brim hat (if it isn’t at school already).

September 23

Carrot Tops

Hi JAM!!

I hope the start of your holidays are going well. I snuck into school on Tuesday to do a couple of things and thought I’d have a look at the carrots…. They’ve grown since we finished school on Friday! I can’t wait to see how much they’ve grown when we return to school.


September 18


During Term 3, our class novel was Roald Dahl’s The BFG. It is arguably his best and most well known book. It was a knew experience for the children as unlike James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Witches and Matilda, this book has not been made into non-animated feature film. The story line is fantastic and it was extra challenging for me to read because of Roald Dahl’s Gobblefunk (his made up words).

The book was made into an animated film in 1989 so we were able to watch that on the last day of term. While we watched it we had some disgusterous snozzcumber sandwiches (really just cucumber and cream cheese or margarine) and some glumptious, scrumdiddlyumptious frobscottle (soda water with a little bit of green cordial). But they weren’t allowed to whizzpop!! I am sure the students will be very excited for Steven Spielberg’s version of The BFG, which is due to be released in 2016.

September 16

JAM’s Play Performances

During Week 9 we spent our reading lessons working on plays. We looked at the roles of plays (characters, narrators and choruses) and what they do. Most of the time was spent building up our fluency, expression and confidence but there was also a focus at looking at the sequence of our plays and the main idea. Some groups used props and made different things to show what characters they were (many were multiple characters). Other groups choose to use their voices and acting to show they were different characters. To fijnalise all the hard work, each group performed their plays to the class and the filmed results are below.

(NOTE: You may need headphones or a quiet room to hear the audio better)