August 15

Book Reviews – Early Childhood Book of the Year!!

Each class at Bourchier Street P.S. is putting up book reviews on their blog, as a celebration for Australian Book Week. Book Week runs from August 20-26 and BSPS are celebrating it on Friday, August 19th. We will be starting in the morning with a book character parade (all children are encouraged to dress up) and all day will be rotations to different classrooms hearing different books and doing different activities. We can’t wait!!

Book of Year

During Week 5, JAM read the six books that have been shortlisted for Early Childhood Book of the Year (above). Each student picked the one that they think should win. Their thoughts can be viewed in the videos below. Enjoy!

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    1. Mr Moor (Post author)

      It was a very fun activity, Brody! I hope you enjoyed watching you video and some of the others.


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