August 12

Week 5

Another fantastic week has come to an end… There has been plenty of intrigue in the Olympics this week. One of our writings tasks this week was to write a persuasive letter to the International Olympic Committee, saying why we think Australia should host the 2024 Olympic Games. Most of the reasons (supported by examples) were to do with our country being so safe, already having fantastic sporting complexes and how sports mad most people in Australia are! It was great to touch on persuasive writing again; our Term 1 Writing focus.

Next week, we celebrate Australian literature with our annual Book Day! The Book Day celebrations are on Friday the 19th of August. During Week 5, we read the six books that have been shortlisted for Early Childhood Book of the Year. There are many categories, but this is what we chose to focus on. Two books were paired against each other each day, with a winner coming from each. The class then voted for their favourite from the remaining three. The overall winner was My Dog Bigsy, written by Alison Lester. However, on Wednesday and Thursday everyone picked their individual favourite – each book was picked at least once! Keep an eye out for a blog post with each student discussing which book was their favourite and why. We are looking forward to the official winners being announced, by the Children’s Book Council of Australia, in the next 1-2

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  1. Archer

    For book day my favroute book is the cow tripped over the moon beacuase it was a comedy and I like comedy books.JAMs favroute book is my dog bigsy.


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