May 10

Term 1 Review

Term 1 was soooo busy! We fit in heaps of stuff. We did so much, that we forgot to do many blog posts in Term 1! Here’s what was happening during last term:

Maths – Place Value was our maths focus. The students worked with three and four digit numbers, understanding what the difference places were actually worth, how to read the numbers, ordering numbers and so on! Learning place value early in the year is important as it helps students understand the value of numbers, which is crucial as we move into addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions.

Writing – Along with lots of recount writing, we focused on persuasive writing. The students learnt how to structure a persuasive piece, but most importantly learnt what persuasive language is; agreeing, disagreeing and giving good reasons supported by examples.

Reading – Getting back into reading for 2016 meant lots of predicting, finding the main idea and other basic comprehension strategies. It’s very important the children can not only read the text, but have a great understanding of what is happening in their books.

Inquiry – Our focus for Term 1 was water. The students did lots of experiments with different water activities and learnt plenty about things such as the water cycle and why water is such a valuable resource.

Other – Even though Term 1 was short, we were able to squeeze in plenty of things outside of the classroom activities. Camp Quality visited and performed a play, Cirque Africa came, we had a visit about yes and no feelings and feeling safe by Ditto from Bravehearts, we learnt about being responsible pet owners and we spent a week at Aquamoves doing swimming lessons.

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