September 16

JAM’s Play Performances

During Week 9 we spent our reading lessons working on plays. We looked at the roles of plays (characters, narrators and choruses) and what they do. Most of the time was spent building up our fluency, expression and confidence but there was also a focus at looking at the sequence of our plays and the main idea. Some groups used props and made different things to show what characters they were (many were multiple characters). Other groups choose to use their voices and acting to show they were different characters. To fijnalise all the hard work, each group performed their plays to the class and the filmed results are below.

(NOTE: You may need headphones or a quiet room to hear the audio better)

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  1. Selesa Ofisa

    They done great job, Destiny keep up the good job and read more.
    Thank to the teacher for all the hard work he’s gone for the children


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