May 4

MAM’s Digital Spaces in 2017

Thanks for visiting our blog! Technology is a big part of our class and we have a widespread presence in the digital world.

Google Sites: Each student has a Google Site where they will share some of their learning. The sites can be accessed by scanning the QR codes outside our classroom, or by going to the Google Sites post on this blog.

Instagram: Our Instagram is regularly updated with what we are doing – you can find our instagram by following bsps.moor.

August 15

Book Reviews – Early Childhood Book of the Year!!

Each class at Bourchier Street P.S. is putting up book reviews on their blog, as a celebration for Australian Book Week. Book Week runs from August 20-26 and BSPS are celebrating it on Friday, August 19th. We will be starting in the morning with a book character parade (all children are encouraged to dress up) and all day will be rotations to different classrooms hearing different books and doing different activities. We can’t wait!!

Book of Year

During Week 5, JAM read the six books that have been shortlisted for Early Childhood Book of the Year (above). Each student picked the one that they think should win. Their thoughts can be viewed in the videos below. Enjoy!

August 12

Week 5

Another fantastic week has come to an end… There has been plenty of intrigue in the Olympics this week. One of our writings tasks this week was to write a persuasive letter to the International Olympic Committee, saying why we think Australia should host the 2024 Olympic Games. Most of the reasons (supported by examples) were to do with our country being so safe, already having fantastic sporting complexes and how sports mad most people in Australia are! It was great to touch on persuasive writing again; our Term 1 Writing focus.

Next week, we celebrate Australian literature with our annual Book Day! The Book Day celebrations are on Friday the 19th of August. During Week 5, we read the six books that have been shortlisted for Early Childhood Book of the Year. There are many categories, but this is what we chose to focus on. Two books were paired against each other each day, with a winner coming from each. The class then voted for their favourite from the remaining three. The overall winner was My Dog Bigsy, written by Alison Lester. However, on Wednesday and Thursday everyone picked their individual favourite – each book was picked at least once! Keep an eye out for a blog post with each student discussing which book was their favourite and why. We are looking forward to the official winners being announced, by the Children’s Book Council of Australia, in the next 1-2

August 11

Week 4

With the Olympics opening at the end of the week, part of Week 4 was dedicated to looking at the Olympic Games and researching a particular country. JAM learnt lots about America, including the size, how many states, the population, the history and what the flag is and represents. On Friday, all of Bourchier Street participated in the Olympics Day. Grade 6 classes ran 15 minute activity that everyone in participated. The day started with an opening ceremony and finished with a whole school assembly. It was a fantastic day!! We can’t wait to watch and learn more about the Olympics over the next two weeks.

July 30

Week 3

We are going to keep JAM friends and families up to date with weekly post from now on. You’ll be able to find out what we have been doing in the classroom, and any extra stuff we’ve had on at Bourchier Street.

This week we’ve continued learning about subtraction in Maths. The students have been practising finding the missing part (e.g. “I want”, “I have”, “I need”). On Friday the students identified 2D shapes in the classroom and around the playground.

The Writing focus for Term 3 is information reports. Information texts have been incorporated into Reading and Writing activities over the first few weeks. We will start developing our own information texts soon, but have been looking at the structure and features of them first.

Upcoming events:

Olympics Day – 5/8

Assembly – 5/8

Book Day – 19/8

June 14

ALPHA – Aladdin

Last week ALPHA Shows came and performed Aladdin for Grades Prep, One and Two. They come to our school every two years, performing their versions of different folktales. The actors always involve the audience in the show and include plenty of jokes and current pop songs, making the show really engaging. As folktales generally have some sort of moral or positive message, ALPHA always make sure that is known. This time around, the characters spoke to students about wishing really hard and trying their best and that sometimes we get upset when things don’t go right, which is ok but we need to keep pushing on and reaching for our goals.

We can’t wait for the next show!!

May 17

Education Week – Technology


This week is Victorian’s Education Week. It is a time to celebrate everything to do with education. This year’s focus is Technology. We use technology all the time at school, integrating iPads and computers into Reading, Writing, Maths and Inquiry in the classroom. This week Bourchier Street is inviting families in to see technology in action in the classroom.

You can visit JAM on:
– Wednesday the 18th of May between 9:55am and 10:45am, or
– Friday the 20th of May between 9:55am and 10:45am.

We hope to see you then!

You can read more about Education Week here.

May 10

Term 2, so far…

The first two weeks of Term 2 were spent doing persuasive writing and place value. We’ve also had the Fun Run, BSPS Athletics, a visit from GV Water, the colour run and colour day activities and we’ve started narrative writing and addition in the classroom. Already, it’s been such a busy term, just like Term 1.

May 10

Term 1 Review

Term 1 was soooo busy! We fit in heaps of stuff. We did so much, that we forgot to do many blog posts in Term 1! Here’s what was happening during last term:

Maths – Place Value was our maths focus. The students worked with three and four digit numbers, understanding what the difference places were actually worth, how to read the numbers, ordering numbers and so on! Learning place value early in the year is important as it helps students understand the value of numbers, which is crucial as we move into addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions.

Writing – Along with lots of recount writing, we focused on persuasive writing. The students learnt how to structure a persuasive piece, but most importantly learnt what persuasive language is; agreeing, disagreeing and giving good reasons supported by examples.

Reading – Getting back into reading for 2016 meant lots of predicting, finding the main idea and other basic comprehension strategies. It’s very important the children can not only read the text, but have a great understanding of what is happening in their books.

Inquiry – Our focus for Term 1 was water. The students did lots of experiments with different water activities and learnt plenty about things such as the water cycle and why water is such a valuable resource.

Other – Even though Term 1 was short, we were able to squeeze in plenty of things outside of the classroom activities. Camp Quality visited and performed a play, Cirque Africa came, we had a visit about yes and no feelings and feeling safe by Ditto from Bravehearts, we learnt about being responsible pet owners and we spent a week at Aquamoves doing swimming lessons.